6 Best Flavors For Elf Bar, Zeuzbar, And Relx, SG Vape Hub

The increase of vape products by multiple brands means that there are a variety of vape flavors out there. The question is, how are we going to pick the best flavors from a specific brand since each brand usually releases 10-20 types of flavors? So today, we will highlight a few brands, such as Elfbar, Relx, and Zeuz Bar, and dive deep into their available flavors.

1. Elf Bar

Elf Bar has been a stellar vape brand for quite some time. A few factors influence the high quality of the Elf Bar vape flavors. Premium quality, dual-coil technology is used in the Elf Bar disposable pods to deliver consistent flavor with each draw. Second, Elf Bar flavor designers created complex fruit flavors that are slightly different from others currently available on the market.

The latest ELFBAR disposable pod in SG Vape Hub is ELFBAR RAYA D1 13,000 Puffs with 12 available flavors, such as Solero, Cola, Apple Orange Bubblegum, Mixed Berry, and many more. It has a built-in screen display update on battery power and remaining liquid level. It has a lower nicotine compare to others model which holding 30mg nicotine salt strengths.

These Elf Bars are designed to last for 13,000 puffs and are single-use only. There are no complicated controls to tweak with, nothing to set up, fine-tune, unpack, and use. You throw it away and use another one when it’s done.

When reviewing the flavors, it is noticeable that this type of Elf Bar needs more ice flavors. The good news for vapers who love cool vaping flavors, though, as there are more flavors for them to pick from, and most of them give a lovely freshness to the taste. For those who want to enjoy the fruity flavor, this ELFBAR RAYA D1 may be a perfect choice for you, given that it has a strong flavor taste.

Our Pick: Mango Lyhee Bubblegum And Cola

2. Zeuz Pen

Zeuz Pen is considered a newcomer in the vape market, and there are few reviews or feedback for this brand yet. Although it may resemble Lanpen in design, the Zeuz pen has 17 unique flavors. The Zeuz pen fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and is incredibly pleasant to hold. It’s not heavy to carry around while you’re on the go and can fit nicely in a pocket. 

It is cylindrical and has minor inset grooves at the top and bottom of the body for aesthetic purposes. It looks like a big battery or even a little soda can to me. Even the top and bottom of the vape have “+” and “-” symbols that resemble battery cells. A colored rubber straw that serves as the Zeuz Bar’s mouthpiece protrudes from the body’s flat top. 

Zeuz Pen has a significant design element and a welcome change from the classic mouthpiece found on a disposable. The straw is colored to complement the pod’s flavor and is slightly angled to make drawing easier. The straw feels soft and somewhat flexible, despite not being rotatable.

With 6000 puffs, that can last for one months if you are an average vaper. We recommend you try the fruity flavors in Ice Lyhcee, Watermelon, and Sour Apple. Not to forget, it comes with rechargeable Type C, which provides faster charging and keeps you vaping in no time.

Our Pick: Ice Lychee And Watermelon


RELX Infinity Pods

RELX, a well-known vape brand, has produced its device and flavors. Their vape device, however, is pretty much designated, as their device is not fit for other third-party flavors, unlike any other refillable vape devices out there. With that said, their designated flavors are called Infinity Pods. There should be something for everyone since they have an excellent selection to choose from. The flavor descriptions, however, need to be handier. Put another way. They don’t specify the flavor, at least not for all the options. So we will give our review of the two Relx flavors here and the reason why we recommend them.

First is the RELX Pro Dark Sparkle. The unique thing about RELX pod Flavor is that their descriptions are left to your imagination since they don’t mention the flavors’ names literally. But this one is relatively simple to figure out. Who can guess? No, OK. This flavor is a Cola vape, then. It’s also a nice one. The familiar Cola flavor, a light fizz, and an icy shot all come on the inhale. Everyone dislikes warm Coke, right? It could be more of a Coke Zero, as it’s not overly sweet, either. This refreshing flavor leaves a pleasant cooling sensation in the mouth after vaping. Undoubtedly one that I could vape nonstop.

The second is the RELX Pro Raspy Ruby. This cooling e-liquid, which features raspberries at its core, is ideal for summer. The fruit is lovely, not overly sweet, perhaps a little too subdued, but still very pleasant on the inhale. One of those flavors that are straightforward but executed superbly is this one. I can easily vape all day long.

Our Pick: RELX Pro Dark Sparkle & Pro Raspy Ruby

So many to choose from and yet so little time. If you are in Singapore, visit SG Vape Hub and get all the latest flavors from your favorite brands. They do offer limited-time offers on disposable pods and flavors as well. What’s more, it’s same-day delivery! So get your vape going today with SG Vape Hub.

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