About RELX Infinity

1. Introduction

In the world of vaping, the RELX Infinity series has made a significant mark. These devices have transformed the vaping experience, offering innovation and advanced technology. In this article, we will dive into the world of RELX Infinity and explore its evolution.

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What is RELX Infinity?

It is a series of premium closed pod system vaping devices designed to provide a superior vaping experience. It consists of a battery unit to power up the pods. To activate the device, simply insert the pod into the magnetic connection and start vaping.


2. Key Features of RELX Infinity


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2.1. Innovative Charging Technology :

It boasts fast-charging capabilities, allowing you to spend less time charging and more time enjoying your vape. It only takes 27 minutes for a full charge or 15 mi minutes for 80% charge. 

2.2 Leak-Resistant Maze Coil :

It features a maze coil design with 11 structural layers. This can prevent internal leaks and condensation. It also ensure the pods themselves do not leak, which enhancing the overall reliability of the device.


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2.3 Smart Pace Vibration Technology :

The device will vibrate if you take more than 15 puffs in 15 minutes.


2.4 Temperature Control :

This innovative technology helps maintain the device at the perfect temperature, ensuring optimal performance. This ensures the device is able to deliver satisfying flavours, and makes every puff a delight.

2.5 Premium Quality :

The high-quality materials and craftsmanship of RELX Infinity, has awarded by the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design in 2020. This award recognizes its exceptional design quality and innovation.

These features collectively provide a reliable and advanced vaping device for users seeking a secure and enjoyable vaping experience.

3. Evolution of RELX Infinity Devices

The journey of RELX Infinity began with the original device and has since witnessed remarkable upgrades. Let's take a closer look at each device in this exceptional series.

3.1 RELX Infinity Devices


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The Original RELX Infinity

The original RELX Infinity set the standard for excellence in vaping.

It featured a sleek design, long-lasting battery, and a range of delicious flavours. Moreover, the advanced technology enables the device to consistently perform at its best.

Thus, vapers fell in love with its convenience , premium quality and performance.

3.2 Upgraded to RELX Infinity Plus


Building on the success of the original, RELX introduced the Infinity Plus.

This device offers enhanced features, including improved battery life and a redesigned device with a visible battery indicator.

It was a significant step forward in the RELX Infinity series.

3.3 Introducing the Latest RELX Infinity 2

Introducing the RELX Infinity 2, the latest addition to the RELX Infinity family.

It takes everything that made the previous devices great and elevates it to new heights.

It builds upon the success of its predecessors. It enhancing the vaping experience with more flavor selection, extended battery life, fast charging, sleek design, and the addition of three adjustable power modes for a personalized vaping experience.

Infinity 2 is the pinnacle of vaping technology.


4. Specifications

Now, let's explore the specifications that make each of these devices unique.


4.1 RELX Infinity

Battery Capacity: 380mAh

Smart Pace Feature : Yes

Charging Duration : 45 mins

Battery Indicator : No

Power Adjuster : No

4.2 RELX Infinity Plus

Battery Capacity: 380mAh

Smart Pace Feature : Yes

Charging Duration : 45 mins

Battery Indicator : Yes

Power Adjuster : No

4.3 RELX Infinity 2

Battery Capacity: 440mAh

Smart Pace Feature : Yes

Charging Duration : 27 mins for fully charge, 15 mins for 80% charge

Battery Indicator : Yes

Power Adjuster : Yes, featuring three modes (Eco Mode: 5.52W, Smooth Mode: 6.5W, Boost Mode: 8W).

3 Adjustable Mood:

  • Eco mood:¬†Operates at a reduced power setting of 5.5W, delivering¬†lighter puffs, conserving battery life, and providing a 65% increase in puff count.¬†
  • Smooth mood:¬†Operates at 6.5W power setting, delivering an exceptionally smooth and familiar vaping experience to RELX INFINITY and RELX Essential. An unmistakable choice!
  • Boost mood:¬†Operates at 8W, delivering instant satisfaction with a richer taste and a 15% larger cloud compared to the smooth mode.
  • Just 1 simple click to swift the power



5. Conclusion

In conclusion, the RELX Infinity series has redefined the vaping experience. From the original Infinity to the upgraded Infinity Plus and the latest Infinity 2.

These devices offer innovation, convenience, and a wide range of flavours. Whether you're a seasoned vaper looking for an upgrade or new to vaping, the RELX Infinity series has something to offer you. 



FAQ 1 : Is the RELX Infinity series suitable for beginners?

Yes, you can adjust the voltage to low power mode, if it's too strong! So, it's very suitable for beginners and user friendly. 


FAQ 2 : What makes the RELX Infinity 2 stand out from the rest?

The RELX Infinity 2 offers more flavours, longer battery life, elegant design and advanced technology that never had in the pass.


FAQ 3 : Are the pods for RELX Infinity devices refillable?

No, the pods for RELX Infinity devices are not refillable. When the pods finish it, just replace with a new pods.


FAQ 4 : Where can I purchase RELX Infinity devices locally?

RELX Infinity devices are primarily available for purchase online in Singapore. However, in countries such as Malaysia, you can find them at convenience stores like 7-Eleven.


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