Why is my vape device is not working or spoil? | SGVAPE

Why is my vape device is not working or spoil? | SGVAPE

Problem facing :
Can't charge my device!
When try to inhale it feel like very tight and hard!
Vape device is leaking!
The pod taste burnt!


1. Can't charge my device!

1.1 When plugged in, is your vape device's charging light is switching on?

If not, try with different wire or socket.

1.2 Is the charging point of your vapee device is dirty?

Some dirty may affect the charging, try to clean the charging point and try again.

1.3 Is your device spoil?

If you have drop your device before, the chip inside may spoil. Welcome to contact us at +6011-70194494 for assist. 

2. When try to inhale it feel like very tight and hard!

2.1 Is your vape device have enough battery?

Some vape device when new are low in battery can try to charge for 20min.

2.2 Have you remove the solicon seal or plastic sticker at the bottom of your vape?

New vape device come with silicon seal or plastic sticker to cover at the bottom of the vape device, it need to be remove before start to vape and make sure it's clean if it's dirty clean it with tissue or cotton swabs.

2.3 Have you try with others vape device before?

Try it out others vape device see is it your device's problem.

3. Vape device is leaking!

- Vape it with the device in upright position.
- If it's a serious leaking, you can contact us for assist !
- Light leaking will be occur when change in air pressure so it's ok!

4. The pod taste burnt!

4.1 How long does your vape pods since you open?

We recommend to finish a open vape pods in 7 - 14 days for the best flavors, if it's too long the taste will gone!

4.2 Is your vape still have enough e-liquid? or it has finish?

When the pod taste burnt it may mean the e-liquid is low or finish. 

4.3 How long you take to charge your device?

Overcharge or high volttage power may burn the coil in the vape device and causing burnt taste, try to charge in a shortter time or try with others socket when charging.

4.4 Are you vaping it in a correct way?

Don't lay down and vape, vape it in upright position.


In conclusion, encountering issues with your vape device can be frustrating, but with a few troubleshooting steps, many common problems can be resolved. By addressing these concerns systematically, you can enhance your vaping experience and enjoy a smoother and more satisfying session. Remember to follow proper usage guidelines, and if challenges persist, don't hesitate to seek expert advice for personalized assistance. Happy vaping!

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