Introduction to LANA Disposable Vape

1. Introduction to LANA VAPE

LANAVAPE, established in 2014, is the dynamic subsidiary of Shenzhen YISHISHA Technology Co Limited. In just 9 years, they have rapidly expanded across multiple markets, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, the Philippines, and more.

They are committed to produce high quality vape products at competitive prices. Furthermore, prioritise the safety and satisfaction of vapers, providing a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco products.

LANA VAPE is good at producing a diverse range of cold flavours vaping, including rechargeable devices, pods, disposable vapes, and premium e-liquids. Among all the products, the signature flavour of Lana is Tie Guan Yin. However, all of their flavours are cold.

In this article, we'll delve into the world of LANA disposable vape. We'll start by introducing the various LANA disposable products, including Lanapen, Lanabar, Lana Premium, and Lanabae XXL. Then, explore the pros and cons of using LANA disposable vape in the next blog, visit now!

2. The disposable

2.1 Lanapen: A Pocket-Sized Powerhouse


Lanapen is a compact and convenient disposable vape pen. It offers a light design and ease of use. With Lanapen, you can enjoy your favourite flavours on the go.

It has 15 refreshing flavours. All flavours taste cool and slightly sweet, perfect for those who love cold with mild sweetness!

Their signature flavours are Tie Guan Yin.

Grape, Strawberry Watermelon and Sour Apple are popular as well!

Specification :

Puffs Capacity : 2000
Coil : Dual coil
Battery Capacity : 1000mAh not rechargeable
Nicotine Strength : 3 %
E-liquid Capacity : 6ml


2.2 Lanabar: The Flavorful Choice


Lanabar is known for its wide range of delicious flavours. From fruity to minty and creamy. Lanabar offers a variety of options to tantalise your taste buds.

It has up to 30+ distinct flavours . Every flavour delivers a cool and slightly sweet taste that's both invigorating and satisfying.

It has few flavours that are not available in other Lana disposables like Creamy Series or special Tea Series. Lana disposable signature flavours always go to Tie Guan Yin. Alongside popular options like Lanabar Surfing Lemon, Grape, Strawberry Milk, Lychee, Sour Apple, and Strawberry Watermelon. For those craving extra sweetness, you can also enjoy Root Beer or Coke flavours.

Specification :

Puffs Capacity : 5000
Nicotine : 3%
Battery Capacity : 850mAh Rechargeable
E-liquid Capacity : 13ml
Size : 79mm*41mm*19mm

2.3 Lana Laca 5500: The Sweeter Version


Lana Laca 5500 boasts a stronger sweeter flavour when compared to other Lana disposable pods. It's the perfect choice for vapers who find that Lanabar lacks the desired intensity of flavour.

Laca Laca offers two exclusive flavours that can only be found within its product range: Vitagen Yogurt and Solera Ice Cream.

Specification :

Puffs Capacity : 5500
Battery Capacity : 650mAh Rechargeable
E-liquid Capacity : 12ml
Nicotine Strength : 3.5%
Resistance : 1.0 ohm

2.4 Lana Premium Bar: Elevate Your Vaping Experience


Lana Premium Bar 5800 is an advanced version of LANABAR. It provides a premium vaping experience with superior quality, extended battery life, increased capacity, and enhanced flavour profile.

New flavours added :
Grape Gum
Golden Armor
Yummy Yam
Taste of Sea
Apple Grape
Lemonade Tea

Specification :

Puffs Capacity : 5800
Nicotine : 3%
Battery Capacity : 650mAh Rechargeable
E-liquid Capacity : 13ml
Resistance : 0.8 ohm

2.5 Lanabar XXL: Extended Enjoyment


If you're looking for a disposable vape pen with extended usage, Lanabar XXL is your go-to choice. It offers more puffs, ensuring you enjoy your vaping experience for a longer time.

Additionally, the Lanabar XXL offers a cost-effective choice compared to smaller puff disposable vapes. Its unique design sets it apart in Lana disposable vapes.

Specification :

Puffs Capacity : 8000
Battery Capacity : 650mAh Rechargeable (Type-C Port)
Nicotine : 3%
E-liquid Capacity : 15ml
Size : 50.5 x 50 x 20cm


3. Conclusion

In conclusion, LANA VAPE has made significant strides in the vaping industry since its establishment in 2014. Its consistent production of high-quality vape has made a significant contribution to the vaping industry.

This article explored their disposable vape product line, which includes Lanapen, Lanabar, Lana Premium, Lana Laca 5500, and Lanabar XXL.

Each disposable has its unique features and flavor profiles. However, what makes each one stand out is the diverse range of cool flavors they offer.  

In summary, the choice of the best disposable ultimately depends on your personal preference. But, for those who love the refreshing of cold-flavored vaping, Lana Vape is a must-try! For the pro & cons of Lana vape disposable you can check out on our next blog.

To explore their offerings and discover the perfect LANA disposable vape for your needs, visit Vape Shop Singapore retailers. Enjoy a fulfilling vaping experience with LANA VAPE.



FAQ 1. What is the puff capacity of LANA disposable vape?

The puff capacity of LANA disposable vape pens varies depending on the specific product. These vape pens typically offer a range of 2000 puffs to 9000 puffs.

FAQ 2. Are there any age restrictions for purchasing LANA disposable vape pens?

There are no age restrictions for purchasing LANA disposable vape pens. They are available for purchase as long as you are able to pay them.

FAQ 3. Can I refill a LANA disposable vape pen?

No, LANA disposable vape pens are designed for one-time use and cannot be refilled.

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