SP2 VS RELX: A Comprehensive Comparison

1. Introduction

In the current closed pods system vaping market, SP2 and RELX present as the two biggest prominent suppliers. Both offer unique and good quality products, so we will make a detailed comparison. 


2. Brand Overview

2.1 SP2 

SP2 is an ever growing vape company which have deep in the vape market for more than 2 years. It has developed vape devices, vape pods and vape disposable pods. They aim to give all vapers an enjoyable vaping experience with the best price! 

2.2 RELX

RELX is a international vape company established in 2019 and has vape stores in over 40 countries. It offers vape devices, vape pods and vape disposable pods as well! RELX are good in producing quality vape products that provide a smooth vaping experience. People seek it as an alternative to traditional smoking.

Their substantial contributions to the vaping community have earned them numerous awards. For more information about RELX, please visit our upcoming blog, which provides in-depth insights into the world of RELX.


3. Type of Models

SP2 and RELX produce advanced and quality vape products, it’s perfect for on-the-go vaping.

In this article we will compare the closed pods system category of SP2 and RELX. We will discuss about SP2s device and RELX Classic device.

We will dive into SP2 and RELX across various aspects to help you get the right device in this article.

4. Vaping Experience  

4.1 Device Design

4.1.1 SP2s Device


(Source from : https://sp2s.id/)

SP2s device consist of three series which are Blitz, M Series and Legendaa. Three of these performing the same performance just different in colours. Design in pen size and light which make it easy to carry around and put inside the pocket.

It is compact with magnetised drop in pods, when inhaled it will have a glowing LED light at the pods. Lastly, SP2s devices are only compatible with SP2 pods.

Specification :

  • Weight : 94 g
  • Dimension : 14.2 x 8.8 x 2.1cm without cartridge¬†
  • Colour Series : SP2s Blitz, Legendaa and M series (Up to 20 colours)
  • Compatible with SP2 pods only¬†


4.1.2 RELX Classic Device


RELX Classic device design in single colours with teardrop LED in the middle of the device for battery indicator. It's lighter in weight compare to SP2s device. Lastly, Relx Classic device compatible with all the first generation pod but it work the best with RELX pod.

Specification :

  • Weight : 25 g
  • Dimension :¬†4-¬ľ‚ÄĚ x 13/16‚ÄĚ x 7/16‚ÄĚ including the cartridge.¬†
  • Colour : Matte Black only¬†
  • Compatible with all first generation pods


4.2 Battery life and charging

4.2.1 SP2s Device

SP2s device have LED light as battery indicator. When the LED light flashes for about 10 times it indicates the battery is low. The LED light will be red when it's charging and no light when it has fully charge.

Moreover,It support fast charging, it take only 15 - 30 minute for full power. SP2s device can support up to 300 - 350 puffs when fully charge.

Specification :

  • Battery Capacity : 380mAh
  • Charging Time : 15 - 30 minutes
  • Full Power Puffs of Pods : 300 -350 puffs
  • Maximum Wattage : 10 - 15W
  • Heating Wire Resistance : 1 - 1.2 ohm


4.2.2 RELX Classic Device

The device will vibrate and flashing LED when the battery has finish.  It can last for around 250 puffs - 300 puffs when full of battery. The charging time for fully charging will be around 45 minutes. Lastly, light will be on when it's charge, and off when it has complete.

Specification :

  • Battery Capacity : 350mAh
  • Charging Time : Around 45 minutes
  • Full Power Puffs of Pods : 250-300 puffs
  • Maximum Wattage : 6W
  • Heating Wire Resistance : 1 - 1.2 ohm


4.3 Pricing

Finally, it comes to the pricing, for both the devices are selling at the same price for only $50 SGD.


5. Conclusion

 Devices SP2s Device RELX Classic Device
Compatible Pods SP2 Pods RELX Pods & 1st generation pods
Battery Capacity 380 mAh 350 mAh
Charging Time 20 minutes to 100% 45 minutes to 100%
Maximum Voltage 10 - 15w  6w
Colour Option  Uo to 20 + colour option Matte Black only
Weight  94g 25g
Price  SGD 50 SGD 50


In conclusion, it has covered the essential aspects of SP2 and RELX to help you find the best device. The choice on SP2 or RELX are ultimately depends on personal preferences.

SP2s are having a bigger battery capacity and more colour option than Relx Classic. However, if you prefer RELX pods, it's best to stick with RELX Classic devices since SP2s are only compatible with SP2 pods. Additionally, using the same brand of device and pods will work out the best performance.

For more detail on the comparison of SP2's pods and Relx's pod can stay tune on our next blog.

Lastly, it has covered the essential aspects of SP2 and RELX to help you find the best device. Remember to vape responsibly and prioritize your safety and well-being.



FAQ 1: What brand of pods does the SP2s device and Relx Classic device compatible with? 

SP2s only compatible with SP2 pods while Relx Classic device compatible with Relx's pods and also SP2's pods.


FAQ 2: Which device has a longer battery lasting between SP2s device and Relx Classic device? 

SP2s have a bigger battery capacity than Relx Classic, so SP2s devices can last longer than Relx Classic devices.


FAQ 3: SP2s and Relx Classic devices, which have a bigger voltage output? 

SP2s have a bigger voltage output, SP2s can produce a 15w voltage output while Relx Classic device output is 6w.


FAQ 4: Which device is more expensive compared between SP2s and RELX Classic devices?

Both devices are selling at the same price for $50 SGD.


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