The Best Flavor Review of Akso Supa Pro

1.0 Introduction

Welcome to our review of the Akso Supa Pro 12,000 Puffs, an advanced disposable kit revolutionizing the market.

 Equiped with 650mAh Battery Type-C rechargeable and powered by a mesh coil with 12ml of e-juice, it promises enhanced flavors and thicker clouds!

 Boasting features like booster mode, anti overcharge, child lock technology, adjustable airflow, auto cut off system in 10 second, battery and liquid indicators.


2.0 Special Instructions

Customers often inquire about the initial use of the device and how to know when the juice is finished. Here, we'll clarify some functions of the Akso Supa Pro:

  • Lock / Unlocking the Device: Simply press the button three times to lock and unlock the device.
  • Battery Indicator: A large digital number displays the battery percentage.
  •  Liquid Indicator: Three white dots next to the battery percentage represent the liquid level. When the dots disappear, the juice is decreasing. When the last dot turns red, it's time for a refill.


3.0 The Flavors:


 3.1 Tie Guan Yin:

The first-ever tea flavor in Akso Supa Pro, sweeter than traditional Tie Guan Yin in others brand, yet refreshing and not overly sweet!


3.2 Oolong Green Tea:

This is a totally different with Tie Guan Yin. It’s pure and simple green tea flavor with a refreshing coldness.


3.3 Passion Grape:

A delightful blend of passion and grape with a sour and sweet flavor profile. Coldness level: 6/10.


3.4 Ice Coffee Hazelnut:

Rich hazelnut flavor with a hint of ice coffee, the portion of hazelnut: 7/10. Perfect for hazelnut enthusiasts. For most of the coffee flavor in the market is more on creamy base. But this is like a refreshing ice hazelnut coffee.


3.5 Mango Mangosteen:

An exotic combination of mango and mangosteen with a refreshing sourness. Coldness level: 7/10. Less sweet and feeling more on sour taste. A very special and rare flavour in vape market.


3.6 Honeydew Blackcurrant:

Unique honeydew and blackcurrant fusion with a hint of milk and creaminess. Cool and refreshing.


3.7 Passion Lychee:

Experience the essence of lychee in this unique and delightful flavor.


3.8 Wild Sour Berry:

A sweet and sour berry blend reminiscent of sparkling candies. The wild sour mix a good balance with sweet and sour!


3.9 Lychee Longan:

Pure fruity lychee flavor with a refreshing coldness. Perfect for lychee enthusiasts. Cold and sweet both in the flavors!


3.10 Grape Gum:

Bubblegum taste with a perfect grape twist, a match made in heaven!



4.0 Conclusion

In conclusion, the Akso Supa Pro 12,000 Puffs stands out as a game-changer in the world of disposable vaping devices. With its advanced features such as booster mode, child lock technology, adjustable airflow, and clear battery and liquid indicators, it offers convenience and innovation like never before.

Our special instructions shed light on common queries regarding device usage and juice monitoring, ensuring a seamless vaping experience for all users.

As for the flavors, the Akso Supa Pro does not disappoint. From the tangy Passion Grape to the refreshing Oolong Green Tea, each flavor is carefully crafted to tantalize your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.

Whether you prefer fruity, sweet, or savory, there's a flavor for everyone in this remarkable lineup.

So, if you're in search of a reliable and flavorful vaping experience, look no further than the Akso Supa Pro 12,000 Puffs. Elevate your vaping journey and discover the perfect flavor to suit your taste with SG Vape Hub today!

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