The Science Behind RELX Pods

1. Introduction

In this blog series, we'll delve into RELX pod categories. We will address common queries from vapers and provide expert guidance on the best way to use RELX pod in this blog.

Furthermore, in our upcoming blog post, we'll delve into a comprehensive exploration of their distinctive features, advantages, flavours review and differentiators.


The common question

2.1 What is the ingredient contained in RELX Pod?

Drawing from extensive research, RELX crafts its exclusive e-liquid formula with strict manufacturing standards and quality controls. The ingredients consist of glycerol, propylene glycol, flavourings, and nicotine salt.

Nicotine salt, the active ingredient, is often misunderstood. It's not a carcinogen but rather a known addictive substance.

Glycerol, a hypoallergenic ingredient, serves as a sweetener and texture enhancer commonly used in foods.

Propylene Glycol, a colourless, odourless component, can be found in beverages, baked goods, and household consumables.

RELX employs standard non-oil-based flavouring compounds, akin to those used in food.

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2.2 What is the nicotine contained in the RELX pod?

The nicotine content may vary depending on your region and the specific product line you choose. 

In Singapore and across Asia, RELX pods are available with three nicotine strengths: 0%, 3%, and 5%.

However, the 0% and 5% options provide a more limited selection. The 0% nicotine pods feature refreshing RELX flavours like Watermelon and Mint, only available in RELX Infinity pods. On the other hand, the 5% nicotine pods offer choices such as Tobacco and Mint RELX pod flavors.


2.3 What is the shelf life of an opened RELX pod?

RELX pods have an expiry date of 18 months from the date of manufacture. Theoretically, RELX pods can be stored for several months after opening. However, it is advisable to consume them within 15 days for two primary reasons:

2.3.1 To prevent the infiltration of environmental factors or foreign particles that may compromise the e-liquid's quality.

2.3.2 Long storage time after opening can lead to a degradation in flavour, which may impact your overall vaping experience."

To maintain the quality of the RELX pods, store them unopened at room temperature in a dry environment out of reach of children and pets until use.

2.4 What’s the correct way when taking a RELX pod?

RELX pods are designed for puffing under a normal pressure. You might need a slightly stronger draw on your first puff to activate the RELX pod, but subsequent inhalations should be gentle.

Excessive force during inhalation can push e-liquid into your mouth. It's advisable to avoid squeezing on the mouthpiece with your teeth or lips, as this can create high pressure causing the e-liquid entering the air path, potentially causing leakage. 

If you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out to us SG Vape Hub customer service for assistance.

2.5 Can I open and refill a RELX pod with other e-juice?

No, RELX pods are designed to be disposable and should not be opened or refilled with any e-juice.

3. Conclusion

In this blog series, we've explored the ingredients, nicotine contained, shield life of the pods, and the best way to use RELX pods.

In the next blog, we will discuss the type of RELX Pods.


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