Tips To Choose The Right Vape & Voltbar, & Vapetape Reviews

What Is Vape Mod?

Mod or Mod Boxes are modified (mod), box-shaped gadgets that utilise Sub-Ohm technology to provide users more power and, as a result, more vapour. These cutting-edge gadgets give vapers the ability to change the wicks and coils, which change the mechanics and resistance of the power. By doing this, you can alter the vaporizer’s temperature and power, which will enhance flavour and vapour cloud size.

E-liquid is kept in tanks by mods, and many vapers create their own mixtures of e-liquid to suit their preferences. As you may know, e-liquid is normally produced from PG and/or VG liquid, flavourings, and pharmaceutical-grade freebase nicotine. Because PG is recognised for increasing flavour and VG’s thicker consistency will improve the density of vapour generated, you can experiment with PG and VG ratios to achieve your ideal vape that is exclusively yours. Box mods are the ideal device for individuals interested in tinkering with their vaping experience because they can be customised to improve flavour and cloud creation.

Mods’ size and price points are drawbacks. It’s not that convenient to bring the box mod around due to its accessories and manual re-filling of e-liquids. It’s wise to have a carry case for all the vape supplies so that you can set up your vape device whenever it’s necessary.

Disposable Vapes Should Be Viewed As An Entry-Level Vape

If you’re just starting to vape, you might want to think about disposable vapes as an entry-level option. Beginners should choose disposable vapes because they are simple to use and require very little upkeep. Start vaping by simply charging the battery and adding e-liquid to the tank. When selecting a disposable vape, there are a number of considerations to make. 

Think about the battery life first. You should pick a disposable vape with a lengthy battery life because most of them have built-in batteries that cannot be changed. Consider the e-liquid capacity next. If you vape regularly, you might want to select a disposable with a bigger capacity since some can carry more e-liquid than others.

Third, think about your flavour possibilities. You can discover a disposable vape that meets your taste because they are widely available in a number of flavours. Fourth, consider the cost. Although most disposable vaporizers are fairly inexpensive, some are more expensive than others.

Lastly, think about the brand. Make sure to conduct your study to pick a reliable brand among the numerous that produce disposable vapes. 

Consider Pod Systems

Pod systems are one kind of vaporizer that has grown in popularity in recent years. Pod systems are an excellent alternative for individuals who are new to vaping or seeking a more practical way to vape because they are small, portable, and simple to use. There are a few factors to consider while picking a pod system.

Choose the type of e-liquid you want to use first. You will need to purchase e-liquid separately because refillable pods are normal for pod systems. If you’re unsure of the kind of e-liquid you want to use, experiment with a few tastes until you find one you enjoy.

Second, consider the device’s size. Although all pod systems are compact and small, some are smaller than others. Select a smaller device if you want a discreet vaping experience. Third, take battery life into account. While some pod systems utilise removable batteries, others use built-in batteries. Choose a device with a built-in battery if you want something that will run all day.

Fourth, consider the cost. You might wish to start out with less expensive equipment. However, you might want to spend extra money if you’re seeking higher-quality equipment. Lastly, consider the warranty. While others do not, some pod systems have a limited warranty. Choose a product with a guarantee if you want something that will last.

Voltbar 10,000 Review

Still not interested in vape mod? Voltbar has now released the new 10,000 Puffs disposable. According to a well-known Malaysian Vape Youtuber review, Voltbar has released flavours and altogether 13 of them for the first batch. If you are into vapes that have wonderful design, the Voltbar 10,000 Puffs is definitely the vape device for you. Design-wise, it has a brand-new style and looks contemporary and exuberant. The size is bigger than its predecessor (6000 Puffs) as it is designed ergonomically and Voltbar’s aim is to enhance the overall user experience and make the product user-friendly. 

Of course the biggest feature they have is the 10,000 puffs. It can be a game changer since this disposable vape is long-lasting and cost-saving. If you vape lightly, it can last you for more than one month. The standard rubber tip design for its mouthpiece provides comfort and soft feeling when you inhale from the tip and in return, vapers get a pleasurable vaping experience. For those who are tired of charging their disposable vapes everytime, Voltbar 10,000 has a larger battery capacity and uses Type-c port which provides fast charging experience and can release more puffs. So you don’t need to think about charging once you fully charge this 10,000 puffs device. 

VapeTape 12,000 Puffs Review

Cassette tape like design and retro vibes..that’s what Vape Tape can offer you. Vapetape disposable pod indeed looks like a cassette tape and you can choose up to 25 different flavours ranging from Mixed Berries, Honeydew Watermelon, Watermelon Peach, Solero Lime and many more. In terms of the number of puffs, it is 12,000 puffs which is more than the Voltbar 10,000 device. Honestly there is not much difference since it can still last you for almost one month provided that you are a light vaper. 

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